The 23 airlines that have collapsed since Covid-19

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Air travel may have resumed in some corners of the planet, although for some airlines it was too late.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a tumultuous period for aviation, with 23 airlines collapsing due to the international travel restrictions introduced to curb the spread of the disease.

In the UK, the FCO advised against travel in mid-March and only lifted this restriction, for a limited number of countries, in late June.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) last month predicted global losses could reach billions of dollars, as global air traffic remains at only around one third of pre-pandemic levels.

And for some, the financial burden of the pandemic has been too great. The biggest losses have included Flybe, a UK domestic airline that operated since 1979, and Virgin Australia, which came into existence 20 years ago.

Some other big players are showing signs of struggle. Emirates Airlines has said it will cut 30 per cent of staff as a result of the pandemic, with 1,600 pilots sacked since May. Thousands of British Airways staff are at risk of redundancy.

The American airline industry is “likely” to lose a carrier to this pandemic, according to Boeing president and chief executive David Calhoun.

Here we take a look at all 23 airlines that have collapsed since the emergence of Covid-19.

The airlines that have collapsed since the pandemic

Air Deccan
Country: India
Founded: 2017
Collapsed: April 5 2020

Air Georgian
Country: Canada
Founded: 1994
Collapsed: May 29 2020

Air Italy
Country: Italy
Founded: 2018
Collapsed: April 16 2020

Country: Turkey
Founded: 2001
Collapsed: February 12 2020

Country: Peru
Founded: 1919
Collapsed: Filed for bankruptcy May 10 2020

Braathens Regional Airlines
Country: Sweden
Founded: 2016
Collapsed: April 6 2020

Compass Airlines
Country: USA
Founded: 2007
Collapsed: April 5 2020

Ernest Airlines
Country: Italy
Founded: 2015
Collapsed: April 5 2020

Country: UK
Founded: 1979
Collapsed: March 5 2020

Country: Argentina
Founded: 2005
Collapased: June 17 2020

Leeward Islands Air Transport (LIAT)
Country: Antigua
Founded: 1956
Collapsed: June 30 2020

LEVEL Europe
Country: Austria
Founded: 2017
Collapsed: June 18 2020

Miami Air International
Country: USA
Founded: 1990
Collapsed: May 8 2020

Country: Thailand
Founded: 2014
Collapsed: June 26 2020

One Airlines
Country: Chile
Founded: 2013
Collapsed: June 24 2020

Country: USA
Founded: 2013
Collapsed: June 24 2020

South Africa Airways
Country: South Africa
Founded: 1934
Collapsed: Entered liquidation May 2020

SunExpress Deutschland
Country: Germany
Founded: 2011
Collapsed: June 26 2020

Country: Ecuador
Founded: 1962
Collapsed: May 19 2020

Tigerair Australia
Country: Australia
Founded: 2007
Collapsed: March 25 2020

Trans States Airlines
Country: USA
Founded: 1982
Collapsed: April 1 2020

Virgin Australia
Country: Australia
Founded: 2000
Collapsed: Voluntary administration on April 21 2020


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